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Published by Luca Povoleri De Las Heras

"Communication is Beauty and Beauty will save the world." Hi, I'm Luca Povoleri, now Luca Povoleri De Las Heras after the 22th of September 2018 when I married the man I can lawfully call my husband. I'm a trilingual Life Adventurer working as a psychologist, manager, hr consultant, producer and of course coach with my "Optima Vita 360 - Life & Business" a unique coaching system based on my psychology experience translated into a coaching interface that creates a belief-free system world to improve people's life. I am an international published author with my bilingual book "Super-Viv(i)ente", a psychological survival manual considered a "New Voice" for psychological wellbeing in the covid world and to co-create a new #postcovid world. I'm published by Gruppo Albatros Il Filo in Europe and available in the best bookstores of Italy, Spain and UK. I'm Manager and Producer of one of the most amazing Photography Studios in Madrid where I'm in direct contact with the people making the trending topic of the world: celebrities, footballers, Hollywood actors, international singers etc... This part of my experience made me able to see both non-famous and famous different perspectives in life and love and that helps me connecting with people looking for meaning in a, hopefully, real 360* way. My field of expertise is Communication and Human Systems. I look for beauty and ethics in my work: productions, advertising and photography on one side, healing, empowerment and evolution on the other. We are more than we can see, so you can choose to live and die, or to keep living forever through the results of your actions. I think mankind has the need for evolution which is not a sure ending as most people say, it is a choice. In my spiritual search I trained in the old shamanic ways and I translated it to modern people who doesn't need shortcuts and drugs to reach deeper meditation states. I've been collecting my thougths and help people meditating through the Featherless Shaman shape. No feathers, no stories, Pure Experience, Zero Belief. In the meantime I write about holistic health, wellness and lgbt rights while leading empowerment meetings in Milan, Madrid, Ibizia and London as a Motivational Coach since 2010. Let's evolve together with hope and freedom from prejudice.

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